Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Hello new blog!
In an effort to get to know how to use this blogging tool I am notating the differences between living in Rexburg, Idaho to living in Farmington Connecticut.
The biggest most noticable difference is the greenery here. In Rexburg you can actually see the sky. And the sky looks huge! It carries on for hundreds of miles. You can see mountain ranges that are so far away! Here in Connecticut you can't see past your neighbors yard because there are so many trees. I remember when I went to New York feeling like the buildings took up all the view of the sky, but that is the same here, except instead of buildings it is trees. In our house we have two skylights and you still see more trees than you do sky out of those things. It is crazy!
Another difference is the weather. Rexburg, though windy and cold more than it should be each year is generally pretty dry. I would put on lotion constantly there all year round. Here we go for weeks without seeing the sun because it is raining so much. I like the rain and all, but it gets a little gloomy after not seeing the sun for days and days. We never have to even worry about washing the car though, because the rain keeps it looking pretty clean on the outside.
Difference number three is the price of things. The average price of milk in Rexburg is maybe $2. Out here you can expect to pay about $4 per gallon, unless you are on the constant look out for a good deal. I personally can't justify spending that much on a gallon of milk so I rely on Wal-Mart like crazy.
Difference number four I get so lost here! lol. Rexburg is nice because you can pretty much see where you are headed the minute that you walk out your door. You have ample warning of most all stop signs and lights and the roads are set up on a pretty rigid grid system so you know that if you took a wrong turn then if you just follow the block you can eventually get back to where you started in most places. But in Connecticut there is no grid system. They built roads over deer paths. One road will change names about four or five times from beginning to end. I would never leave our house if it wasn't for our GPS. Thank heavens for technology! I can though successfully get to my husbands school as well as to Wal-Mart without using the GPS. I am very proud of that fact. But other than that, I need that little device.
I love how pretty it is out here though. There are so many trees, and other fauna that you can't miss how beautiful the world really is. Especially in the fall time! People here say that it has been a really dry year (have they not noticed the rain?!) so the trees are taking their time turning colors and they are losing their leaves really fast, but the colors are amazing! I had no idea that one tree could have green, yellow, orange and red leaves on it at one time! It is so beautiful! I love just going on drives around the towns here to look at the trees. I also really enjoy looking at the cute little houses people have here. Some of the houses are so old! Built in the 1800's and people keep living in them! It amazes me, but the houses are so cute and quaint. I love driving around and looking at all of them.
And I especially love my little house! It is so cute, and we have been making home improvements on it. Maybe when I figure out how to use this blog a little better I will add before and after pictures. It looks so good now! I love this house!
Yay for differences and yay for Connecticut!