Sunday, July 17, 2011

New York-y

So, I have officially decided I wish I had more control over what pictures came up first and which ones were last. So know I know that if I want them in any sort of order I need to put up the last ones first and the first ones well, last! Yay for learning moments!
I thought I would finally give an update about us, and our awesome spontaneous trip to New York.
So early one Tuesday morning I was sitting on my couch and thinking that we are not taking a family vacation with just us this year, and I was feeling a little disheartened lol, what a great word huh, anyway, I wanted a TNT Thomas family vacation tradition to start and I wanted it started this year! Guess what! I planned it all by myself and Ty said yes! Wahoo! So we left on our trip about two hours later. Spontaneous or what? Do I still feel good about it, yes I do!
Now, I am going to narrate the pictures of this trip, an unfortunately for all of us, because you poor people are going to be confused, the pictures are telling us to start from the end. Just so you know, we first went to Niagara Falls, then a hotel for the night, third to the Sacred Grove, fourth to the Hill Cumorah pageant and lastly we drove home. So here is our vacation backwards style:
We got home at about 5 in the morning on Thursday, after a long slightly blurry and frustrating drive. About 15 minutes in on our trip home Ty was pulled over by a grumpy police officer, for going 18 over the speed limit. We didn't see a speed limit sign and our GPS was telling us that the mileage per hour was 45 we shouldn't have believed it people. So yes we were 18 over, Ty insisted that we find the speed limit sign so we turned around and guess what we did find it, behind a tree. Pooey, what a way to end a vacation huh folks.
But before that we went to the Hill Curmorah pageant! Which may I just say was awesome! And surprise of all surprises, some of my really good friends were in it! Yay for long time fake family members! So we tried to pick them out once we knew what their costumes were. It was really great. If you have not had the opportunity to see the pageant you should make it a priority! Especially if you are not a member of the Latter Day Saint church. This should be on every ones bucket lists. I also got to sit by my best friend Sister Lovell who is serving her mission there! And Jazz was as good as gold and slept through the whole shebang. Before the pageant we walked to the top of the Hill Cumorah and saw the awesome statue there. Here is a pic of the cutest little man and I by the statue.
We also got our picture taken at the visitor's center there by the Christus. I thought it was really cool that the background for this Christus is the Sacred Grove. (I have no idea how to spell Christus by the way)
Here am I with the beautiful Sister Lovell in the log house where Joseph Smith Jr. lived with his parents and family. We surprised her lol which was really fun. I had no idea I was so short by the way.
Here are Ty, Jazz, Sister Lovell and I. Yay! I love her so much! I look way to excited to be there in this picture.
We are not very good picture takers so here is a slightly blurry photo of all of us in the Sacred Grove. We went really early lol ok so like 7:30 in the morning, but we are sure glad we did because as soon as we were out of the grove several huge bus loads of people showed up! The missionaries said they expected 3,000 people to come through there that day!
Here is just a nice peaceful picture of how pretty the whole grove was. This is definitely a prayerful place.
Ty and Jazz as we entered the Grove.
Ok, so here is from the day before. We went to Niagara Falls, which was tons of fun. And we have never really slept with Jazz before in our bed and we found out why. He is an arm-flinging-roly-poly-pinching-kicking-scratching bed mate! Gosh! Worst nights sleep ever! But at least you were safe little dude between us. We actually made Jazz a bed on the floor with lots of blankets but he likes to climb now and we couldn't resist those cute little hands and little blue eyes that would huff and puff and twinkle at us when he made it to standing position. Man, we are push overs. But I am serious, if you had been there, you couldn't have resisted him either! Anyway back to the next picture. We went on the Maid of the Mist and we all wore the awesome ponchos they provided. Here is our family pic taken by a fellow passenger.
Here is my happy little boy and myself.
uhh, yeah, us twice in a row!
And this little boy is so darn cute that all these awesome Asian people would pose with Jazz and I and take pictures with him. lol. Who can resist a cute little blonde baby with big blue eyes? Especially one who smiles so much!?! Not even complete strangers people!
Here is Ty and Jazz overlooking the falls.
Me and the babe.. doing the same thing. We just love taking pictures with him, can you tell?
And what was supposed to be the first picture... The Maid of the Mist sign! Go upside down story!
So there you have it. Our awesome mini family vacation! Do we win or do we win? I hope your mini vacations are as good as ours, unfortunately for you, you won't have a sweet little munchkin head in all your pictures. Don't worry I feel your pain. Just come out to CT and we will let you borrow him for a picture or two, if we can have a copy as well!