Tuesday, November 22, 2011

It all began with a little syrup..

Jazz and I had an awesome morning today. Very eventful, but funny at the same time. 
We did all the usual things, get up, drive Tys to school, snuggle in mom's bed and fall back asleep for 20 mins. Then we both decided we were hungry. I felt hungry, but apparently Jazz was even hungrier because he started trying to eat my face while we were snuggling, and that settled things for me. So our breakfast of choice was pancakes! We love pancakes over here. Jazz would like to show you how to properly eat a pancake.

Step 1: Smear syrup all over your pancakes, then smear pancakes all over your tray.

Step 2: Grab two fistfuls and stuff them simultaneously in your mouth. That means you gotta open really wide. Scrunching up your nose does help.

Step 3: Make a face at your mom when the camera flashes one too many times in your face.

Step 4: Clean your tray of all pancakes. And then look so proud of your accomplishment.

Step 5: Then start wiping your hands all over to cover the rest of your tray with syrup. When you suddenly realize, hey this syrup is good!

 Step 6: Ask mom for a drink because all this yummy syrup with a side of pancakes made you so thirsty.

Step 7: Rub your sticky hands in your hair, 'cuz you can!

Step 8: Smile big, because mom is making funny faces and sounds just so you will smile for the camera.

Then, hop in the bath. But the fun didn't end there for us. No siree. Jazz makes sure to make every part of life an adventure. We walk into the bathroom and I strip him down and set him in the tub. He splashes around for a bit, and then the worst thing he could have done in the tub started to happen. You know how you can tell when you are going to need to change you babies diaper before you actually smell anything? Well with Jazz he gets this face. He starts turning red, and makes these grunting noises. I bet you know what is going on. Well, I started freaking out. I pull him out of the tub, and sit him down on the toilet, 'cuz I freak out about these things apparently. But unfortunately I wasn't fast enough. There was something gross in the bottom of the tub, and on our bathroom rug and floor, and of course, nothing ended up in the toilet. Sigh.
Now normally I am not a terribly neat person. I can live with a little mess here and there (Though I am becoming so much better I promise!) but I draw the line at poo, even baby poo. So because it was in the bath while Jazz was there Jazz was deemed unclean and I knew he was going to need to bath again. But I couldn't put him back in that tub right? So I wrap him up in a towel and I am trying to hold him while draining the tub, pulling out the gross thing that was already disintegrating, and removing all toys that sat in the infected water. Yuck. Then I did my best to sterilize the tub one-handedly and ran a hot shower for a few minutes before filling it up again and sticking him in it. Then while he played I cleaned up the floor a little bit just so I wouldn't step in anything. yum. And wow, a lot of my sentences begin with the word then. Oh well. Then I cleaned him up and got a fresh towel for him. Once he went down for his nap that whole bathroom got a good cleaning. Even the shower curtains because anything that touched the infected water was not going to be left there! Anyway, yay for clean babies, tubs and bathrooms, and diapers/wipes, how did the world live without you? I don't even want to know.