Monday, August 29, 2011


So, I love this cute little face. Luckily, I get to see it peering out from behind every nook and cranny in the house. During our awesome hurricane we played hide and seek. We are really good at that game. He does the hiding, and I do the seeking most of the time. And normally the hiding turns into peek-a-boo, which is really fun too. I love all our games.

This is the best picture of his little tooth. It is normally so hard to see, and since his tooth is still alone in his little head, I thought this was the perfect way to show it off.

Irene wanted to help us out during our landscaping. Here are some of the things she helped with. Took down a small tree in the back yard, and left a smattering of leaf like confetti.

Left us with some extra confetti on the deck. Doesn't that look like a party?

In preperation we moved everything down into the garage. So here is our bbq, deck chairs and table, and all other regular garage things as well as outside things that could blow around.

Our drive way turned into an obstacle course for ants and other little bugs.

But our yard looks pretty good. In all reality, the hurricane wasn't as bad as the news wanted us to think it would be.

The only thing inside that got a little damaged from the weather was this little soakage down in the basement. Luckily we had moved everything out of the basement anyway just in case there was a flood. We are good!

And here is me and Jazz putting on make up. We stayed at a friends house for a little while during the rougher part of the storm, so I got ready on the floor, and Jazz ate my compact cases. We are a good team.

Anyway, we had a really fun time, played games, and had some yard pick up and yup! It was a really fun weekend. The weirdest thing that happened was that church was cancelled so it doesn't really feel like that week is over, and that there is a new one happening now.
Anyway, we had a great time, yay for Irene!


Children are so funny. I love being around them, and I love being a mom! Hooray! For the last week I have been babysitting this sweet little girl named Ella. She is 6 1/2 months old, and it has been so much fun to see how Jazz reacts with a younger child. Jazz loves babies, and he loves being the one who can do things the younger babies can't. All of his friends have been older than him just by a few months, but boy! Those few months sure make a difference! Whenever these two would see each other they would smile and try to hold each others hands, and scratch each others faces. Very sweet I can tell you. But they also did some funny things. Jazz felt like he needed to show her how to use the toys she was playing with, so he would try to help her out there. Or, he would see that she had a toy he needed so he would crawl over and try to take it away. This was a week learning about sharing. But it was great! I wanted to share some of my favorite pictures.
This first picture is of me feeding Ella, with Jazz tickling her toes. That boy loves Ella's feet, so every chance he gets he grabs at them.

Mister Funny Face. I don't know why my shadow kept getting in the way, I thought that wasn't possible so much with the flash, because nothing on me would make a random shadow bump in this picture. But, I love the face, so in goes the picture!

Here is the cutest of cute boys, he copies me when I say Ella's name and here he is saying Lela, that is how he says it, which is adorably cute! Love it!

Going for the feet again! That kid is so funny!

Jazz also likes to point at the sky, with both hands, while he is trying to walk around objects like the ottoman. He is hilarious! I am sure more than most babies do this, but I still find it funny.

And I just liked his face in this one too. I hope people don't get too sick of me and my weird pictures, but since I get to choose the pics on this blog, then hey, I choose this one!

Hello babies!

Oh look! Who is doing the dishes again?

I got the plates for you mom! And I put them away, right underneath the dishwasher.

And here we are g0ing out into the hurricane to take a walk. Hurricanes are surprisingly warm. At least this one was. I will post our hurricane pictures later, but isn't Jazz so cute with his little hood on!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Water Love

Yay for vacations! Being a stay-at-home-mom is great! I love it to pieces but a really love vacations, and I really really love summer time, and I really really really love it when Ty can come on vacation with me! Yay!
This last weekend we went up to Maine to visit family up there for a little bit. I wanted to show you the cutest little boy I know who graced our back seat with his adorable-ness. Thanks baby J!

And I didn't realize it, but in order to be part of the T family, you have to be able to do amazing things on a wake board. So umm, I am not up to 'amazing things' yet. But hey, all these guys do! here is an amazing shot of Grampa doing a 360 on his board. Wowzers!

Here is uncle Aaron who is a natural on the board!

And Ty here is doing a jump, caught in the beginning of the jump, he can really get some air!

Uncle Tanner here is a jack of all trades, he can do pretty much anything on the back of a boat.

We make sure Jazz gets his naps in where ever we are, it just makes bed time so much easier. So we made him a little nest out of towels on the boat. He loved it, probably. At least it was comfy enough to sleep in!

Here are uncles Aaron and Tanner flying along on the tube. I have to say I think these guys are hilarious. As the older brother Tanner likes to make Aaron's life difficult as all older brothers do to their younger brothers. But, when Aaron was sliding off the tube Tanner would grab onto his life jacket and hoist him back up. With this family you always know your brother is looking out for you. Which I love. What great examples! Jazz, I hope you are paying attention for the some far distant future when you have siblings!

Here are aunt Whitney and uncle Ryan! Lucky for us they are having a baby so Jazz can have a cousin! Wasn't that thoughtful of them? Jazz's cousin will be born in November and we are super excited! W already has all these adorable little outfits for her little baby girl! She is going to be a little fashionista! Tanner hopes she will be blonde so he can call her Rapunzel from the move Tangled. He loves that show, and has high hopes for this baby. May your hair be long and magical little one!

Whit is amazing for a pregnant lady! I never went tubing when I was pregnant! What a brave soul!

Since Whit was brave enough to go out on the tube, we decided to see how much Jazz would like it, but, it was a little too bumpy, and since each of us had one hand on the tube and one hand on Jazz the waves were just a little too bumpy to feel safe. Jazz was clutching my hand the whole time. Love that guy!

Even though he is a little too small for the tube (next year little buddy) he LOVED to splash in the water! Ty would just hold on to Jazz's life jacket and Jazz would go crazy splashing and laughing and kicking his little fat legs. What a fun kiddo!

And lookee there! I made it up! Yay! I got up three whole entire times! It was one of my prouder moments I tell you. Look how excited I am.

There was someone though who was not so excited to see me out in the water. Every time he saw me out of the boat, Jazz would burst into tears. He cried and cried, and made me feel really good. lol. Yay, I am his favorite human! In the picture above, I wasn't making that face because I was so excited to be up (though I was), I was actually trying to tell Jazz that everything was ok, but he didn't really listen. He just kept being sad, which is still so cute.

And here is Grandma Fancy, she wake boards too! See! I told you the whole family is amazing!

On Sunday, after church, I just stip Jazz down and let him crawl around in his diaper and socks. I know how cruel is that? Practically naked, and socks that slide on wooden floors. But, the thing you can't see is that these socks have little grippy things on the bottom, so they are actually safer than his bare feet. See, I am not so bad!
He loves the two dogs his grandparents have, he chases them around and pulls their fur, ears, and tails. The dogs are so good though and just walk away from him. Except when they can't actually get away, then they do some warning growls and nip at him, but he thinks it is funny and laughs. Jazz thinks life is a game. Which will one day mean he gets bitten. I can't blame the dogs though because Jazz provokes them to no end. No matter how many times we move him away, or give him a different toy, the best toys around are the dogs. Fortunately for us, Jazz hasn't figured out how to follow them through the doggy-door.

Oh, puppies? Where are you? He says dog a lot now because of this visit. He gets it confused with dad, and duck as well. Why do so many words sound so much a like when you have one tooth and you like to stick your tongue out when you say these words?

Here is our little prodigy concert pianist. Just kidding. He loves pounding on the keys though. And look at how happy it makes him!

Then for Sunday dinner our amazing chef Ryan cooked us a six course french meal. The first course was Ratatouille! How cool is that!

Here are is just one of the beautiful dishes he prepared for us. He could be an artist don't you think?

Here is Ty and I at the table.

The whole bunch of us. Jazz went down to bed before we had dinner.

And, on our way home look who was driving in front of us! Crazy! So we took a picture. It was raining like crazy out there, so I am sure glad at least one of the photos turned out!

Yup, that was our quick trip! Now, if I could only get my hands on some of the photos from when my family came to visit then my summer would be complete! Good luck with upcoming school schedules everyone!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sometimes Life Is Sticky...

All mom's love to have little helpers right? Well, I have a little boy who has gotten a head start! He loves to unload the silverware for me. And he found a toy that reminds me of a kings scepter, but actually belongs to a smoothie maker. Now he takes it everywhere with him. Funny kid. Here he is happily chewing on his new found toy.

I love this face, reminds me of a frog? Maybe a turtle?

Here he is pulling it out!

And down below, here is a happy little guy ready to go to church!

Look at his little tie, I know we are fashion killers wearing a navy blue and green stripped tie with a black vest! He is even wearing brown shoes, yes, love him, and our terrible fashion sense, he is still super cute!

Ok, time for the sticky stuff, I gave him a sucker, which he is so happy to have right here.

Uh, oh. it is stuck on his arm! Let the stickiness begin!
Aagh, can't .... shake.... this.... thing.... off!
Whew, got it! Now let's see if I can eat it.
Oops, missed my face!
Maybe, I should eat this side.

Ok, cute baby, I love him to pieces! See you later!