Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Up through Thanksgiving

Whew! I have a lot of catching up to do! So where to begin? Because I love looking at photos on other peoples blogs I will put on more photos than you wanted to see on mine! whoo-hoo!
Jazz is amazingly cute, and becoming more and more photogenic every day! Go little baby! But that is not the point of the very cute photo below. This little boy waves around all of his limbs all of the time. Not unlike most babies of his age. So I like to aggravate him by attaching helium balloons on his sleeves or footies so when he flails around the balloons go crazy! He is so fun to watch. This is his bored look because I attached the balloons to the middle of his pj's and not his arms or legs. So this is bored Jazz.

Here he is staring at the unmoving balloons lol.
Oh! And this picture is of the leaf picker uppers. I had no idea, but because of the amazing amount of trees Connecticut and the even more amazing amount of leaves the trees drop, the city here picks up your leaves if you rake them to the side of the road! Tyler spent many long hours of several days raking his heart out to get the leaves over there, and yup, the city didn't lie! Here they are with a giant vacuum on wheels sucking up all of our leaves.
Jazz is our king at the table. His throne takes up half of the table and just recently we have had to be careful about how close we put things to his feet lol, he will kick out and hit things if we aren't careful!
And I just thought this hat was amazingly cute.
We carved a pumpkin! Go Jazz's first Halloween!
Jazz of course slept all the way through it lol What a good baby.
Tyler dared me to eat some pumpkin lol, little did he know that I have eaten it before. I won a whole dollar! Yay! What can you do with a dollar? I don't know but I was still proud of myself.
Humm, wow I picked a lot of pictures from this pumpkin party. Oh well, what can you do?
So, my mom came out to help me figure out life with a baby, and I had been craving Outback Steak House foods several months prior to having little Jazz. So my dad said my mom should take me, and yay! She did! Here we are happily sitting at our table.
So now, more up to date. We just celebrated Thanksgiving with Tyler's family in Maine. It was great because Tyler had the chance to get up with Jazz a few times each night! Whoo-hoo! That was probably my favorite part of the vacation. Hearing Jazz fuss and then elbowing Tyler and making him get up to get him! Man, those good days. One funny instance happened though. After the first night of being so good and getting up each time I nudged him, Tyler was so tired. That next night he never actually came fully to consciousness and his subconscious was not willing to get up with Jazz. Here is that nights conversation:
Me: Ty, Jazz is up. Will you get him?
Ty: No, it isn't my turn. You want him to stop crying, you get him.
Me: Ummm.... Kay
Two hours later...
Me: Jazz is up again, will you get him now?
Ty: Only if you bring him to me
Me: Doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose of giving me a break?
Ty: Yup so you might as well get him.
Yeah, I like my husbands conscious self better too. When I told him about it he was so embarrassed lol. Because I also told his mother and she got after him. Which isn't entirely fair because I mean, who has full control of their subconscious? Not me, probably, I actually don't know. Maybe I do. I might be just amazing like that. But I thought it was hilarious. Now every night he asks me if he did anything stupid in his sleep lol. Which he normally doesn't. I just need to remember to not let him get too sleep deprived.
Jazz has been an absolute dream baby! He is getting so chubby and cute! He is actually out growing his newborn clothes now! I tried to put him in my favorite sleeper, and the neck is around his shoulders because his legs are so long! *Cry!* But that is ok, I hope that means that he will be tall like his dad, and not short like his mom.
One of our favorite things to do with Jazz is to take him places involving the car. He goes right to sleep and stays that way for a good chunk of time. Which is awesome! After I drop Tyler off at school (it has been way crazy rainy for a while here) Jazz is fast asleep so I can either catch up on some missed sleep myself, or I can get things done. Depending on how I feel. Anyway it has been amazing. He is fabulous at stores and restaurants as well. And when he does wake up he is fascinated by all the lights and new corners (he stares at corners like he is watching T.V.) Anyway, he is great, and I just love him to pieces!
Yay for Jazz, Yay for Tyler and Yay for the Holidays!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Baby Jazz!

I meant to have the hang of blogging by now, but life likes to throw surprises at me every now and then. The October 7th lifes surprise was my beautiful little boy! He wasn't due till the 19th but I was very happy to have him come earlier rather than later. Jazz was 6 pounds and 3 ounces and 19 inches long! Everyone who saw me even days before Jazz was born predicted that I would go over my due date. So yay for me and yay for my healthy sized baby! Here are a few pictures just so you can admire how adorable he is. And just for the record, he is much cuter in person, the pictures just don't do him justice!
I know I look awful, but hey, I just had a baby!

Here is my handsome hubby with little Jazz.

And here is my hubby's favorite thing to do while holding the sleeping baby. (Play on his i-phone... I am sure this will help Jazz to form good habits lol)
Jazz, though it was mostly me, got very lucky to have his Gramsie come stay with us for a while. Not only did she help take care of us, but she also made our food, washed the dishes, and sewed things for us during her stay here. She was sure a life saver! Here she is with her favorite and currently only grandson.

You can't see Jazz very well in this picture so just for fun I will include some more photos of him. And just so you know, Jazz is so much more cuter in person! Pictures just can't do this boy justice!

This is our first family picture!! Yay! We are an official family now!
And this next picture is a personal favorite. This is Jazz's other grandma who has been so excited for him to be born. This photo just shows her excitement. I love it!