Friday, May 4, 2012

Play Dough Fun

We are still waiting on pictures from Cancun sigh. Someday those will be so awesome. But that is ok. For now, I will just entertain myself with pics from today's fun/funny activities.
Ok, so I actually slightly lied. Some of these pics aren't actually from today. Like this first one down here. but, I just love his face, so he made it into this post. This was a day he was helping me rake the yard. I might have posted this picture before, but you know, it happens sometimes.

And yes, this next one is me. We are big fans of "po-poh" (play-dough) here. It is a favorite activity of a certian short someone who was pretending to feed me some of this blue substance when he realized hey, it sticks! So I gave myself the mustache, and Jazz helped to decorate the rest of my face. Then, believe it or not, he took my picture on my phone! Of course, I got my phone out and got the right app going, but he totally pressed the button while pointing the camera at me. Crazy skills. He took a lot of other pictures too, but most of them are super blurry, and are super close ups of his fingers.

Jazz thought it was more fun to stick the play-dough on me rather than have it on his face. Bummer, because it is his face I would rather stick on here. He kept grabbing my phone so getting a good picture was really super hard!

And this morning, right after breakfast, but before I got him ready for the day he decided this was the best new hat ever. (Do you like how I created a blockade in front of the stereo system? I was babysitting a little boy who just loves the buttons. We have trained Jazz not to touch them, but apparently other people actually keep their stereo's out of reach of small fingers.)

Here he is kind of peeking out from behind the box. Oh, and I cut his hair, can you tell? There is a difference between his non pajama pics, and his pajama pics.

Yup, here it is on his head again. He walked around wearing it for a long time. And he was so proud of himself for keeping it on his head that he wouldn't really watch where he was going. He would bang into stuff all over the place, which would cause it to fall off. He would quickly jam it back onto his head and walk off again. All the while, he would have this satisfied little smile. Super funny.

Oh and of course when I pull out the camera he starts doing something else with the box. Murphy's law I guess.

Often, the holes for the handles were the only way he could see in front of him, and not just his feet.

I realize that as hilarious as this 'box-on-the-head' thing is to me, it might be one of those 'you had to be there' type of moments. Or possibly it is one of those 'he is my flesh and blood and EVERYTHING he does makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside' kind of moments. I don't know for sure. Oh well!