Thursday, December 1, 2011


I have to say, that little face above, is heaven sent. He is the funniest kid I have ever met. We have all sorts of adventures every day doing regular stuff. Who would have thought that stirring mashed potatoes was such an intricate process? Jazz likes to help out with everything, which made our first Thanksgiving, where I was head chef an interesting experience!

So this last Thanksgiving, Ty's family came down to spend it with us. His mom was out in Utah helping Whitney with her new sweet little baby, so everyone else came here. Which was fun for me, but not so much for them. Tys put them to work outside raking the numberless quantities of leaves our trees provide for us each year. I got to hang out inside by the nice warm oven. Yippee for me. But I was such an awesome planner that I over planned and everything was done like an hour earlier than I thought so we ended up waiting for the turkey. I was so proud of myself for actually over planning for once! This never happens! So my Thanksgiving was extremely stress free! Go us!

Anyway, Jazz isn't quite big enough to help with the leaves yet, he can barely keep his shoes on actually, so he stayed with me. And he is at the stage where he wants to be doing everything I do. If I am mixing something in a bowl he wants his own bowl and spoon to mix too. And if he can, he wants me to hold him and let him mix the actual food. So I let him help me with the mashed potatoes which almost was a huge mess, but I have found that I have reflexes like a cheetah. I saved the mashed potatoes day... that is until we ate them. But, they probably enjoyed that anyway.

But anyway, here is an awesome picture where you can barely see the food, but all the food was made by yours truly!

Here is a pic of the not so many of us who made a small dent in the food pile. And that thing on the top of the picture... that is a chandelier, not antlers like it first might appear to be.

And look! I even made three pies! One is pumpkin, one is cheesecake and one is banana cream. Yum, yum!

Then after Thanksgiving we went to a winter festival one of the near by towns throws. Jazz kicks of his shoes, pulls off hats and cries the whole time we stick him in a coat so I bundled him up in blakets, I brought about 4 of them and I was constantly trying to tuck them up around him. Wiggly little guy!

Here is the whole group that we hung out with at the parade/festival.

Jazz was a little too short to see the parade while in his stroller so we took him out and held him for that part. He started in my arms...

And eventually moved up on Ty's shoulders.

Then on Sunday we took some pictures of him for a banner my mom made for my brother who is on his mission. He has never met Jazz so we wanted to make sure he saw Jazz at his Jazziest lol. (the letters help to spell out Merry Christmas. Jazz was the first and last letters.)

Jazz is so funny. We love him to pieces, and I love being able to spend my days with him. We went outside today, and we played out in the leaves for a long time till he tripped on the drive way and took a small chunk out of his cheek and nose. That was when the screaming started. He looks like a baby warrior right now. Poor little guy. It is probably my fault though, I bought him some shoes that have a little bit of growing room, which he is not used to... although, babies do case it a lot so maybe it was a mixture of baby wobbles and large shoes? Poor tyke. But I know he forgave me because I am the only one (between Tys and I) that he wanted to be held by. Is it terrible that I want to claim the favorite parent award? I love that award. I'd give it to myself if I was in charge of the ceremony. Oh wait! I am in charge! BAM! I win!