Thursday, June 21, 2012


Obviously I need to take more pictures to better record our lives, but I thought that this one would be fun to share.
For Father's Day Jazz and I picked out some new running shoes for Tys. Not only were Ty's running shoes almost 4 years old, but they looked like they had been serving as a chew toy to the Sandlot's monster dog. And the weekend before he had been doing yard work in them so leaves and sticks and tons of mud were just caked all over these shoes.
So we seized the opportunity to get him some new ones for Father's Day! We were only in the store for about 8 minutes when Jazz decided the shoe section was like torture so to make it more fun we tried on all the running shoes in Ty's size. These were the winning shoes. Jazz even has his shoes on inside of them.

Sorry about the quality. My phone takes awesome pictures lol. And Ty often mentions that Jazz has a  protruding frontalis muscle in his forhead. So I just thought we should show that off as well.

Don't you love how the shoes are bigger than his head and torso? Yup Dad is pretty tall.

Jazz's favorite activity is being outside with Dad. Ty always acts like these are his favorite moments of the day. lol. All I talk about when the day is over and we are just talking is Jazz, and when Ty has time to hang out with him he seems to forget that the majority of his day was spent at school and all he can talk about is Jazz too. It is nice to know that he way prefers his time with Jazz compared to his time at school. Though he does love being able to tell me about the set of dentures he gets to make for himself as one of his assignments lol.
Oh, and I was actually going to mention that Jazz loves bubbles. He prefers to dunk the wand into the bubble mix, but he also really enjoys catching the bubbles like every other toddler I have ever met. This is how Ty entertained him while I was cooking dinner. Jazz likes to hang onto my legs when I am cooking, and gosh is it hard to cook like that. You can't move freely from sink to counter to stove top or anything. So to save us all some frustration they go play while I cook dinner.

Isn't it crazy how fasts kids grow. Last year at this time Jazz was figuring out crawling. He was still chubby but he could get away with no pants on top of a onsie, but these days he is running around, he needs shoes every day, and we actually have conversations! That is one of my favorite things, having conversations with this kid. They generally go like this.
J: More milk mama
Me: What do you say, more milk....
J: Please!!
Me: Yay! Here is your milk.
J: (drinks a few swallows then stuffs his cup under the nearest couch) Where'd it go?
Me: Is your milk hiding?
J: Mi-i-ilk, where are you? (shaking his head from side to side like he is looking around)
Me: Mi-i-ilk, are you under this blanket?
J: (laughs) No! (peeks under a pillow) Unda pillow?
Me: Not there either! Where did it go?
J: (pulls it out from under the couch) Here it is!
We play this game every day. With several objects. His choo-choos, cows, alphabet letters, stars, and cars. All of his sentences are also slurred together so they sound like one longish word. Ty can never decipher what Jazz is trying to say, but since I hear them several times daily I have them down. He also says things like  where are you in a sing song way so you can tell he is looking for something just by the way he sings it. Sometimes though he never tells you what he is looking for so the game gets really long when you find something stuffed somewhere so you think you have it, but really he doesn't want to find that till later.
Jazz also thinks that the squirrels that frequent our bird feeder outside, are called kitties. He chases them around and around our yard yelling "Kitty!" and meowing at them. He just cracks me up.
I love that kid. Playing with him is the best job ever. I am so glad that I can be a stay at home mom, and do babysitting in my own house to help out with our budget. Things couldn't have worked out better for us.