Monday, May 23, 2011

Shave and a Hair Cut!!

No one ever tells you how great it is to be a mom of a baby with a bed time. Why is this, this wonderful stage in life, never told to young mothers who need a ray of hope for better sleep and more productivity? Man! I love this part of life!! But I sure do love this little man more! He is so much fun! We have so many adventures. Can I just say that this little boys laugh is the best thing on the planet? I could listen to him laugh all day, fortunately for me he thinks lots of things are funny. Especially his dad. Ty can make Jazz laugh just by looking at him. Which cracks us up! The boy is so funny and so dang cute!
So I just cut his hair for the first time today! Go me! And I took about an inch maybe a little less off. Boy was it hard to cut! Babies are so wiggly! Jazz flings his head around without thought to his safety! Fortunately for us all I was able to predict this head swingings and no one was punctured or cut by the scissors! Go us! Ty wanted to save a lock of these precious baby curls (it curled beautifully after I chopped it off) but I didn't think of it. And where would we keep it anyway? So no I didn't keep any, but if you want a piece I am sure I could find some little hairs to mail to you lol. Anyway I took a few pictures to show off his "new do" and then I couldn't decide which one I liked better. lol. I know that every mom thinks her baby is the cutest one out there, but really, look at this child! Is he not the most edible boy on the planet!?! He is the cutest little boy I have ever seen! So it was too hard to pick which photos I liked the best and I put them all up. Isn't this first pic just soulful?

Here is a side view, I cut the hair around his ears so it wouldn't poke out on top and around them. And boy, those shoes must be amazingly tasty! He eats them all the time!

There is a cute little smile coming!

And for some reason he makes the cutest little scrunched up faces! He is a little doll!

And once again, CUTE!
This babies head is the perfect shape! Look at that chin! And those perfect little lips! gosh! what a cutie!

lol another one of his faces. He has the best faces. He cracks me up!

lol he wants the camera. But I wanted more pictures so no time for playing!

OK, so wasn't he just adorable! Did you even notice his hair cut? I did a good job huh! Yay for me and yay for still having a cute baby! I only had to take hair off the top front and the sides above his ears because that is where it was the longest. He does have hair all over his head, but it is growing in blonde for some reason. But he is still so cute! Man, I just love that boy!
Funny story for you, I went to Babies R Us to get some sandals for this baby because he has none and he likes to walk all over the place (with help from our fingers) so I felt that he should have some summer foot wear. (it also helps that I had a 60% off coupon). We went to the store and I pulled out some flip flops because they were dang cute! And to my surprise Jazz has odd shaped feet. Now I knew he was a little chubby, even for a baby, but does chubbiness generally reach all the way down to feet? I mean he has a roll of fat on the top of his foot! Look at this little foot!

I know you might be thinking, well his toes are pointing up, that makes the foot look fatter. Well I took another picture of his other foot with the toes pointing down and look!

Round chub! So this poor child doesn't fit into flip flops, nor many other shoes because they are too tight on the top. Sigh, poor shoe deprived boy. (This is very devastating for someone of my shoe reputation!) Fortunately clogs were invented! So this little boy will be living in clogs this summer until a) his feet lengthen and are then skinner or b) they invent sandals that are very wide for fat footed little boys!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Beyond Yuck!

Not every post needs to have cute little pictures of babies right? Good, since this is my blog I am glad I have a say in it!
I have officially found out what the grossest job in the house is. I know you are probably thinking, cleaning the bathroom or taking out the garbage or even cleaning out the garbage can.. right, that is what you are thinking isn't it? Well you are so totally close, but not quite there. In this house the grossest job out of them all is....... cleaning out the fridge.
I had no idea how bad we are at cleaning out our left overs. I told Tyler when we got married that I am a terrible left over eater if I am not reminded. Tyler always said that was ok because he would eat them. At at the beginning of our marriage that held true, but only for the very beginning. Like the first month or few. Well now-a-days I will make dinner. Then stick the left overs in tupper ware and then zap. I forget about them. And I think Tyler forgets about them too. I just went through because we were running out of room (not to mention running out of containers) and I pulled out 13 little containers of food. If the number 13 isn't bad enough, I could only identify what was in four of them. Eww-blegh! Doesn't that just give you the chills? I don't make enough left overs to feed more than one person for a small meal, sometimes no more than a snack, but gosh after weeks of hibernation (who knows how long some of them were in there!!) the small amount multiplied in it's little containers! And boy was it discolored! I was scared to open the lids!
Anyway, I just wanted to say, no one died, we are all happily surviving, one STINKY garbage has left the house for the garbage can. And we suddenly have more room in the fridge. I can actually stick the milk in there without tipping something over! Hooray!
And ok ok, here is a picture of his highness as he sleeps. He cracks me up. If he is holding a blanket or anything, he always wraps it around his head. I have no idea how he got into this habit. I swear I do not wrap things around his head ever! So yeah, a little odd but none the less cute!
And I have to say, I LOVE having a boppy! I used to wonder what was so cool about these pillows for babies, but man, It is great! It has been a perfect place to perch him to do almost anything! He used to lay on it to play, and take naps and drink bottles while practicing to use his arms to hold it. These boppy's are amazing. It also helped him to learn to balance while sitting. A wonderful little safety net for any tipping. Even though now he is a great sitter, I still have it around and we still use it all the time. Go Boppy!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sweet Baby Bliss!

Hello! I am not a pro at blogging, but hey, I am just happy to get up what I can! So here are some fun pics from the recent past that I should stick up here for you guys. I have some Easter pics too, they are pretty funny, but for some reason they didn't upload correctly to my computer, I will have to borrow Ty's to get it to work. But here are some juicy baby Jazz pics!

Jazz has four favorite times of day. In order they are waking up in the morning, eating breakfast, playing with dad when he comes home, and lastly eating dinner. He loves food so much that after each spoonful goes it he tries to slurp up any that might slide out by sticking his hands in there. I also think he sticks his hands in there so that he can suck on them later and still have some of that yummy mashed carrot flavor.

We have to strip him down when he eats because he manages to get food into the weirdest of places. Who knew that armpits and knees could be pockets for so much food? Jazz's least favorite food is peaches. He gags if you put any peaches into his mouth. He makes the best faces too. I will have to catch that on camera if we decide to try peaches again lol. It was hilarious.

Jazz loves to keep his hands busy. One of his favorite things to do is play with boxes. Right now he is in love with this box here. It is his toy box. I know, little box huh, we need to get this child more toys! But for the moment this box is big enough to hold all the fun things Jazz owns. But Jazz dumps the toys out and plays in the box!

He thought it was hilarious when we put him in the box. lol. He just sat there laughing. What a funny kid!

He played in that box for at least a half an hour, then we gave him this book which kept him occupied for another half hour. wow, whoever invented boxes should be rich, they made the perfect containers for things from paper clips to babies!

Anyway, We love this baby! Soon we are going to post our few Easter pics, and I don't think I ever posted his blessing pictures! Yikes, so I will have to do that too. Hope your spring is has started off great!