Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Little boys!

Oh look! 
We are back! Took a longer break than I had first thought we were taking. But here we are, doing our thing, which is basically just hanging out, which I love! So first new news, somebody here got another hair cut! lol. I know I post way too much about hair cuts. He just looks so different each time he gets one (at least to me) so I always post pictures of it. He is the cutest little boy... to me... for now... someday I hope he has brothers you know, so he won't always get this title. Anyway, here he is with his new hair cut, and his little happy self. He is wearing some clothes he got at his first-first year birthday up at Fancy and Grampy Thomas' house. They spoil him rotten, which we love! 

I don't know why, but I love hoodies, especially baby hoodies, he only has about oh 4? Is that too many for a almost 1 year old to have? I know he is not going to fit into them for that much longer! But they are so cute! Anyway love him.

His new favorite thing to do is play the piano. We have this piano that is electric and goes on a stand, but Jazz will hang onto the keys and basically tip the thing over on him because he loves playing so much! So to better and safer-ly (uhh.. no idea how to rephrase that) let him continue his love for key pounding we moved the piano to the floor. He loves pressing down the keys and pushing the little buttons on top that change the sounds. He also really enjoys stepping and walking along the keys. And plus also he loves monkeys. He carries two monkeys around every where. Though not at the same time. One though is always at his side. 

Here we are a few Sundays ago after church. Jazz and I had been playing on the ground where I was on my stomach lying on the floor. Then using my shoulders he pulls himself up, walks around and gets on my back where he kinda starts bouncing. So I interpreted this as "horsey ride mommy please!" so off we went. He thought it was so funny and was laughing his head off. We had never done it before so it was a new and exciting experience for him.

And yes, he is pants-less, he crawls out of his pants too often to make pants a worth while commodity at home.  

Bush bangs? Yes, I have no idea what to do with the little whispy hairs that are still growing back from after having Jazz. My hair is constantly frizzing out, sigh. It is the bane of my life. I would shave it off if I didn't already know how bad I would look bald. I have a really bumpy head, and fortunately my hair hides it. Even if it is frizzy and refuses to cooperate. 

His laugh always make me laugh, I am not just a maniac in this picture.

Then we also had a play date with his best bud William. William (I keep wanting to spell it Whiliam but I have no idea why!) is just a day older than Jazz so they are practically twins! But very different coloring as you can see below. He is dark haired, eyed, and skinned where Jazz is the opposite. Anyway at this awesome playdate Jazz has this little air plane toy that you can sit on or push around. William found it and was pushing away when Jazz suddenly became interested. He stops William so we helped him sit on it and William then pushed him around on it! We tried having them take turns pushing and riding, but Jazz was a better rider and William was a better pusher. I hope that doesn't mean that Jazz is going to be lazy... yikes!

Here we are trying to have Jazz push....

nope. He wasn't having any of it.

But there goes little William!

These kids are so funny. We love having play dates! I baby sit a few times a week for a couple different families, so Jazz gets a lot of quality time sharing with others. Which I love, he is really good with other kids! He loves sharing everything! With smaller children he brings them toys, older kids he adores and follows and smiles and jabbers to. He just is a social kid! And we are going to throw him another little party on his birthday so it will be his second first birthday. And maybe when my mom comes out we might throw him another little party for his third first birthday! lol. We will have to see. Tys is doing his best to come up with the perfect cake. He had me go and get the ingrediants so I am excited to see what he comes up with. Fancy backed him the cutest cup-cake cake. I helped to decorate it and did a terrible job. Poor kid, when I get pictures from them I will post them on here. Till then image a little blonde baby with chocolate and blue frosting all over his face and hands and wham-o that was his first first birthday party. Can't wait to see what the next one brings!