Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I am really awesome at taking vacations. As you can tell, I took a vacation from blogging for a while. I am really good at taking blogging vacations. Too bad that isn't a job or something or I could make crazy amounts of mulah!
I took a vacation to Cancun back in April, which you still haven't seen or heard about. Oops.
I also took a week vacation from life in May and went to visit my in laws in Maine. I kind of just inconvenienced them with my presence because hey, I had that kind of time. Plus free babysitting whenever I wanted to take a nap. That was great!
Then, the Fourth of July happened a little while ago. And I never posted pictures about it, so I thought I would throw some up here.
(here we are taking a vacation from talking about my vacations)
For the Fourth we went to a friends house and went swimming in their pool. Jazz loves the water. He is a water bug.

We (Ty and I) also made Jazz this awesome Fourth of July shirt, which of course we didn't photograph while he was wearing it. After the pool we just put our camera away and forgot about it. At least we took a few pictures right?

Jazz and I.... ok actually just Jazz likes to take vacations from wearing clothes. His main clothing items he wears on our lazy days is a hat and a diaper. He loves hats. He will smash them onto his head and wear them around for hours. Funny little guy.

Jazz and I also took a vacation from me making us dinner. When I make dinner for just the two of us while Ty is in school, well lets just say dinner lacks in awesomeness. So we went to the mall and went hat shopping and ate at Burger King.
We got Jazz this awesome new hat. He loves it if you couldn't tell.

After the mall and dinner we went outside and walked around. Jazz climbed up on every park bench and jumped off. Cuz that is what little boys do. Here is a super close up of his head.

Then Jazz took a vacation from us for a week. He went to Maine to attend  Camp J. It was more like a resort with a spa to be honest. While there he had grandparents and uncles to wait on him hand and foot. They played with him, fed him and bathed him. He got to play in some form of water every day!
I'm sure in his mind it was the best vacation ever.
Then cuz we missed him so much, Ty and I decided to have this  little fella while Jazz was gone.
Introducing....... Little Fella!

Wow, I chose two almost identical pictures in a row. I am really good at picking out pictures!

And here is lil' fella with his eyes open! Isn't he super cute? He actually looks like Jazz did when he was a new born. They are obviously related. I will have to post some pictures of them together at the same age. It will be fun to see if lil' fella stays looking like Jazz or if he grows into his own kind of person. Who knows!

Lil' Fella doesn't have as much hair as Jazz did when he was born. It is kind of sparse on the top. We will have to see how that grows in as well. This is Ty's favorite baby phase. The sleeping phase.

Fella was slightly jaundiced during our short hospital stay so they put him under the warming lights stuff, and he would stretch our like it was a luxurious tanning bed or something.

Here he is with his little heart monitor in the nursery.

We are all in love with this little guy. Jazz is still getting used to him of course, but the rest of us are just thrilled to have lil' fella join our family!


Jeanna said...

So Cute -- all of you! I had a wonderful time out visiting you and taking care of Jazz and Lil' Fella!! You look mahvelous. I miss you! I love being a grandma!!!!

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