Monday, October 22, 2012

A birthday for my pumpkin

So we probably went to the coolest apple picking and pumpkin picking farm ever. I would call it a farm festival really. There were hay rides, bouncy houses, mazes, tractor rides, and a small play ground area. The Minor Farm owners were super nice as well. We had a wonderful time. Ty went to run one of the rides to help raise money for some of the services his school provides. So while he worked the rest of us ran around checkin out the awsome rides.

Jazz loves the bikes even though his feet couldn't reach the pedals. Luckily Aunt "Caw-yay" (as Jazz says it) would push him around the track.

He LOVED the train. He played here for hours. He would play hide and seek with Holly for ever if we let him.

Next Holly took Jazz on the tractor cow thingies. Holly looked like she enjoyed it more than Jazz did. At least he acted content? lol He went right back to the train toy right after that lol.

Ooh this was cool. Ty's station was where you would get strapped in to this harness then they would start inflating the top and you would get lifted up. This was Jazz going up in the harness. He thought it was awesome till he looked out the window and saw how far away he was from the ground.

Jazz LOVED the maze as well. He laughed his way through the whole thing,especially when he hit a dead end. then it was hilarious

What a cool pic of the pumpkin spread. Too bad Jazz didn't feel like smiling.

Now is my boys 2nd Birthday! Isn't he getting big!

He has a 'thing' for blowing out candles from a distance.

So for his presents he had to run around his grandparents house and find the balloons. Each balloon was attached to a present. He was more interested in the balloons at first, but after presents were opened we could barely tare him away to find the next one.

Here is our big boy with all his loot! It is amazing how fast these little people grow! I can't believe he is already two! Man do we love this kid! More to come on lil' fella later!


Jeanna said...

That pumpkin/cow place looks like so much fun, I think I would like to ride the cow train! Those little boys are so cute, I'm glad Jazz had a wonderful birthday. I miss you all!!

Alyssa said...

Your kiddos are soo adorable! Where did you guys go, it sounds amazing?? We are headed down next weekend, would be awesome to see you guys! Yay for fun, fall festivities :)

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