Monday, April 30, 2012

Our regular days...

Boy, it has been a while. And boy! Jazz and I sure have taken a super awesome vacation! I am still waiting on pictures though, so those awesome and super exciting stories are just going to have to hang on till I get some fun photo's to make the stories more interesting.
So in the mean time, I thought I would catch you up on you know our regular days. 
This is from a few months ago, when the weather was still really chilly, and we were (and still are) too cheap to turn up the heat. That is why James and I wear our sweaters and jackets inside the house on a daily basis.  This is also right after a hair cut for him, look at how short his hair was! Since then I have let it grow, and grow a bit more. I love it when he has longer hair on top I have decided. I also look slightly like a monster in this picture, but hey, we both look happy right? lol. My teeth at least look nice. Yay for being married to a future dentist!

Again from a little while ago (hence the still short hair on Jazz). We took him to the park, where Ty was the cool fun parent and took him on top of the playscape. I am not always that cool, so luckily Jazz has a dad who is! lol. He loves playing at parks, running through the grass, eating the grass, trying to feed the grass to us. Oh, and of course sliding down the slides. Those are his absolute favorite park toys. He will tolerate the swing for the first swing back and forth, then he wants to be down, and free. Whenever we go to the park we have to plan to be there for about 2 hours so that Jazz doesn't feel cheated when we put him back in the stroller. When I say 'we' I mostly mean me and Jazz, because poor Ty is still in school, which is super tough right now. But fortunately, Ty tries to spend quality time with Jazz for family home evenings, which has lately been family-go-to-the-park-evenings lol. Which everyone of course, enjoys immensely!

This is more recent. You can tell it is more recent by two things in these pictures. The first is that we have different couches! Yay! We used to have these heavy wooden couches, but Ty didn't love them because they were pretty uncomfortable if you care about your behind. Then some of our friends moved, sadness, but they let us have their couches, yay! These couches are much more comfortable than our other ones. So now Ty spends a lot more time studying, and playing with Jazz in this room than he did before. So they have been super nice!
Anyway, the second reason that these pictures are more recent, is Jazz's hair. Much longer now, and I like it much better long I decided. Not too long, but just longer.
Down below, Jazz got this awesome rockstar Elmo from one of Ty's school's secretaries. Isn't that funny. Ty is one of the only students who is married AND has a little family. So Ty is pretty much famous, and will randomly bring home gifts for Jazz that people who work at the school give him. Crazy, but awesome, Jazz will never know that most all of his toys were given to him by other people. He has so many toys it is ridiculous. You would think we were spoiling him, but we aren't the ones doing it. Weird huh. Anyway, Jazz loves Elmo with a passion. He carries this little guy around like a baby, he pats his back when he carries him, and he carefully sets him down by the eye balls lol. What great handles those things are. Here is Jazz giving Elmo a hug. (can you tell I am 6 months prego?)

Jazz also gives Elmo kisses. He always says "mmmmwha!" when he gives kisses, so you know he isn't just rubbing his nose on your face. It is nice to be able to tell the difference sometimes.

After he gives Elmo kisses, Jazz lets Elmo eat his head. I mean, kiss him back.

Jazz is so funny. I am going to insert a story here that has nothing to do with any of the pictures. Other than the fact that it happened on the Elmo pics day. So Ty had gotten home from school, we had eaten dinner and we were just lounging around on the couches. Ty was sitting on one side, I was laying with my head in his lap, and Jazz was climbing all over the couch. Jazz started climbing too high, so I told him to get down. He obediently jumped down, but landed right smack in my stomach. Man, that hurt like the dickens! We put Jazz to bed, but soon after I realized that I hadn't felt baby 2 move since the giant jump attack. After two hours of waiting for the usually active little fetus to do anything we started getting worried. I called the doctor who told us to come in and get it checked out. So we woke up Jazz, drove to the hospital, and got checked in. We thought it was going to be an ultra sound, but instead they had me dress in a hospital gown and they started hooking me up to all these monitors like they did when Jazz was born. Jazz, who was totally having a blast being up past his bed time, did not like the fact that they were hooking me up to all these machines. I would smile and talk to him but every time one of the nurses stuck a new thing on me Jazz would get all teary eyed and his little bottom lip would start trembling. Ty had to pace the room and block me from view so that Jazz would stop crying every time he looked at me. It was so cute in a sad kind of way. At first the nurses had a really hard time finding the heart beat, but after several super long minutes they got a faint reading on the monitors. They told Ty that they wanted to monitor me for 4 hours so Ty took Jazz home and put him to bed, and I stayed and watched American Idol. I have no idea what to watch on TV since we don't have any channels at our place. Anyway they let us go, baby 2 is doing fine, apparently he just needed some quiet time after getting jumped on. One of the nurses drove me home so Ty wouldn't have to wake Jazz up again. They all thought Jazz was super cute.  Which always makes me feel good to hear. They have no obligation to tell me my little man is cute or anything, so when they gushed about it each time they checked on me I felt super awesome. I love nurses!
Here we are at the last picture. This is from today. Ty had just finished a 5 hour test, of hundreds upon hundreds of different types of drugs. And Ty's favorite unwinding activity after a hard test is to go out and get Chinese food, and watch a show. This weeks favorite show is Cake Boss. Super silly drama, but super awesome cakes! Man, bakers are such artists! lol. Anyway, Jazz had just woken up from his nap, was super grouchy till we came down stairs and he saw the Chinese food. He loves Chinese food. He took my fork and just started digging in. He ate over half of my food! Just kept stuffing it into his little mouth. But look how happy he is eating my lunch. Who could say no to that little chub master?

We love Jazz super lots! We love baby 2 as well, and we hope he is as much fun as his older brother. Kids, are just awesome. I love being a mom! And I love our regular days.


Alyssa said...

Nicki! Your little James is soo cute!! It looks like you guys are doing awesome! We are excited to be out by you guys this coming fall :) We'll have to get together, maybe take a double date to the science museum ;)

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